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About BLC

Beirut Lasik Center (BLC) derived from the having a professional, well equipped, secure and private eye care center along with the hospitality the Ophthalmologist and Patient deserve. Right from the beginning, we have decided to cover the most developed technology that is mentioned and maintained continuously through the diagnosis and treatment to achieve satisfaction and safety.

Today refraction surgery is in reach of your hands with the first and latest allergretto wave Eye-Q equipment technology. As well as the Rondo Microkeratome of the femosecond Laser. You will be assisted by our most innovative, ingenious and excellent eye care team.
All equipments used are the most up to date and proven techniques for receiving optimum diagnostic results, and determines the best treatment plan for the candidates, including the most versatile FDA approved customized treatment considered as the best available in the world. When vision errors appear, your best choice is dealing with our combined experienced and trained medical team at BLC, having high skills and improved experience giving you the best results and quality services.

What's different at BLC?

  1. Doctors and patients enjoys BLC hospitality, treatment procedures is safe precise and comfortable. We invite you to experience by yourself our deep commitments.
  2. The security and the safest accuracy for providing the best results in laser treatment nowadays.
  3. With our highly trained medical staff and the trust built with doctors with a wide experience in diagnosing and treating human eyes we can value your trust greatly and answer your questions honestly.
  4. Attentive care is provided for both doctors and patients seeking the most appropriate eye care available, surrounded by professional atmosphere.